The OWLS Personal Care Assistant is a non-professional employee, trained to provide personal care and related services in the home. He/She functions under the direction, instruction and supervision of the Nurse Manager and the Care Coordinator.


  • Completion of high school or GED
  • Ability to read and write consistent with job requirements
  • Completion of 8 hours of basic personal care assistant training program consistent with the OWLS 43 hour Personal Care Attendant Certificate.   
  • Has received the appropriate PCA training related to the following: 
  1. Methodology of assisting clients to achieve maximum self-reliance
  2. Principles of nutrition and meal preparation
  3. Principles of the aging process
  4. Understanding the emotional problem of illness & long term home care
  5. Procedures for maintaining a clean, healthful and pleasant environment
  6. That all changes in client condition must be reported
  7. Maintaining the ethics and confidentiality of client care
  8. Cooperate with the healthcare team
  9. Providing and maintaining appropriate and required records
  • Comprehends the basics of personal care, housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Shows an interest and concern for people
  • Shows good judgment and tact in dealing with the sick
  • Practices good hygiene and is neat in personal appearance
  • Freedom from health problems that may be injurious to client, self and co-workers and presents the required documents that indicate such appropriate work experience
  • Possession of the emotional and mental maturity necessary for establishing and maintaining a good work relationship with the client, client’s family, and the personnel of the Company
  • Reliability of transportation


By following the Service Plan, which has been completed by the Supervisor, the aide provides the following:

  • Helps the client to maintain good personal hygiene
  • Assists in maintaining a healthful, safe environment
  • Plans and prepares nutritious meals
  • Grocery shops or other errands when instructed to do so by the Supervisor
  • Assists the client with ambulation or rehabilitative processes as instructed by Supervisor
  • Assists with certain treatments as ordered by the physician and approved and supervised by the nurse
  • Encourages client independence as indicated 
  • Attempts to promote client’s mental alertness through involvement in activities of interest
  • Gives simple emotional and psychological support to the client and other members of the household
  • Establishes a relationship with client and family which transmits trust and confidentiality
  • Prepares a report of visit on the day it is performed and incorporates it into the clinical record weekly
  • Reports any change in the client’s mental or physical condition or in his/her home situation to immediate supervisor, the staff nurse, or care coordinator
  • Carries out the assignment as instructed by the supervisor and reports to The OWLS when he/she is unable to do so
  • Works with personnel of other agencies involved in the client’s care as directed by the Supervisor
  • Performs routine housekeeping tasks as related to a safe and comfortable environment, as instructed.
  • Follows universal precautions whenever giving any aspect of client care
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Performs ONLY those functions specified for each individual client
  • Responds to the physical, emotional and development needs of clients
  • Follows emergency procedures in the event of any incident, e.g., accident, injury or significant change in client’s condition

Organizational Relationship:

Reports to Nurse Manager for individual client care and Care Coordinator, on-call Supervisor for overall job performance issues

Functional Abilities:

  • Must have a car with required insurance and a state driver’s license or reliable transportation
  • Able to communicate verbally and in writing to the extent required by the position
  • Able to physically perform the duties required by the position
  • Able to travel to prospective clients’ residences

The Personal Care Assistant is a non-exempt hourly position that is considered part time, 2-40 hours per week can be possible due to the fluctuating needs of Clients. Hourly rate depends on experience, on services provided, and completion of additional certifications.

As a Community based Company, we value any employee contacts and circles of friends as an extension to The OWLS Community. We have a referral bonus program that you may choose to participate in that is voluntary as we grow our business.