How to start the process

Q: I can no longer juggle my family, my job and caring for my parents. They need help NOW. How quickly can OWLS get them a caregiver? 

A: The timeline from our In Home Consultation to First Visit could be 2-3 weeks. Due to the pandemic, needs have increased dramatically. 

Q: What is the first step in getting started?

A: OWLS begins to gather information with every phone call. At your convenience, we will schedule our RN (nurse) to come and visit your family member in their home setting (no charge 1 hour visit called an In Home Consultation) to discuss their plan for short term and long term needs compared to the services we can provide. While it is important for family to be part of deciding with the nurse what services are appropriate, this brief In Home Consultation should limited to the potential client(s) and one or two trusted family members so as not to overwhelm. The RN is available for consultation once the assessment is complete.

Q: My parent is very resistant to the idea of having someone come into their home? Can you help me manage this opposition? How?

A: We know from experience that resistance is normal. We want our clients to be safe and comfortable so gaining the trust and cooperation of the client is critical. During the In Home Consultation (IHC), our nurse will explain that we will be matching personality, location familiarity, and interests when suggesting a helper at home. Our nurses know to present our services as an option the client will be (part of) directing and we use a caring and friendly approach. Of course, knowing temperament, overall health status and attitude towards bringing in outside help is important and must be discussed before meeting with the potential client in their home.

Who are the staff making visits

Q: What kind of training is provided to your caregivers?

A:  Each caregiver is individually oriented in each client home by family, other caregivers, or other home health providers to the unique needs and routine of that client. Our nurses are available to consult and advise our caregivers, providing them with additional training as well as resources to continually improve upon the delivery of services. We have partnered with Relias to offer online training and our caregiver has the ability to complete a 43 credit hour Personal Care Attendant Certificate as well as take courses in specific areas related to their work.

Q: Are your caregivers employees or contractors? Are you Bonded & Insured? Do you do background checks and drug screenings?

A: All OWLS caregivers are our employees. We have extensive pre-employment requirements and conduct background checks and drug screenings. All employees are covered by BWC Insurance and Liability Insurance to eliminate any risk for our Clients. All wages and taxes are paid by The OWLS so no need for any cash/payments to exchanges hands.

What is the cost of services

Q: How much does this cost?

A: OWLS services are billed by the hour and the range is $25-$28. Only the nurse can quote the appropriate rate for services at the IHC.      

Q: How often do you invoice and is there a Deposit required?

A: We invoice weekly and require a Deposit equal to 2 weeks of services be held as a retainer in your Account until services end. We apply that Deposit to the balance or refund a credit by check.

Managing changes and communication

Q: I live out of state. How can I stay in contact with you/caregiver?

A: Our professional software allows you quick access to your family visit records and the ability to message OWLS or adjust schedules. The office staff is available by phone  Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 4:30 PM.

Q: Can you take care of my mom’s medications?

A: Only a nurse can dispense medications BUT our nurse can organize, set up and even refill med trays. Our nurse can also take a verbal order from the doctor. Our caregivers can remind clients it is time to take medication. Because every client is different, how medications are set up and how reminders are conducted will be designed with the nurse.