Older Wiser Life Services relies on client and employee referrals more than any other means of promoting our services. We are so pleased when a client, family member, or  caregiver tells us how their relationship with OWLS has improved their life. 
My Dad is an elderly widower living alone. With two hip replacements, he needs more help with housekeeping and daily meal preparation than I, as his only son, could give with my work and young family. OWLS provided a perfect match in a caregiver with common interests and kind approach. I am so grateful for the peace of mind that gives me.
Kurt O.
Since my mom no longer cooks, it was very important for her to have nutritious meals every day. Because I work and live 45 minutes away from her, we rely upon the OWLS to maintain her good health and strength with good home-cooked meals, Monday through Friday. Mom is pleased and is no longer losing weight.
Tim B.